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ICY - Journey on the White Wasteland is a narrative-driven, old-school, RPG set in a post-apocalyptic frozen world. Create your own character and make tough choices as the leader of a struggling nomad tribe. Hunt, scavenge and explore the White Wasteland. You will meet various interesting individuals during your journey.

The game mixes RPG and survival elements together to deliver a highly immersive story with multiple endings. ICY - Journey on the White Wasteland is a truly interactive and based on how you act and what you decide.


  • Highly immersive story that becomes more than just about survival.
  • Influence the plot with different choices, changing the course of events that will lead to multiple different endings.
  • Manage to keep together group of survivors, each one with different needs, values and ideals. It's up to you to keep the group together.
  • Scavenge, hunt or raid bandits to survive.
  • More than 400 hand-drawn artworks.
  • Character creation and customisation that affects the whole game.
  • Night/day cycle as a gameplay-element. You will need to plan your days carefully in order to ensure your tribe's survival.
  • Randomly occurring dynamic events that will test your skills and make you think before wandering too carelessly.

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ICY - Journey on the White Wasteland - Alpha (PC) 365 MB
ICY - Journey on the White Wasteland - Alpha (MAC) 366 MB